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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Marine Transmission

Marine gears and hydraulic clutches produced by Hitachi Nico Transmission Co. Ltd. have a strong reputation in a variety of marine applications. Hitachi Nico Transmission Co. Ltd. Marine gears power the largest car ferries in Japan with a maximum 25,200kW, as well as fishing vessels, government vessels, commercial workboats, high-speed craft, and pleasure boats. In addition to the standard marine gears, Hitachi Nico Transmission Co. Ltd. manufactures a full portfolio of products, including transmissions with modulating clutch control (variable speed) function, 2-step gear reduction, hybrid and auxiliary devices to drive generators, pumps and compressors at the front of the main engines.  Each product is designed, engineered and produced according to customer requirements.

Marine auxiliary drive systems

Marine auxiliary systems