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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Hitachi Nico Transmission combines high-precision step-up and reduction gears with wet-type multiplate clutches, torque converters, fluid couplings and other elements to deliver gearbox systems of high added value, capable of functions such as stepless gearing, constant-speed control, braking control, and dead slow control.
These gearbox systems make the most of the abundant experience and proprietary technologies we have built up over many years as a specialist manufacturer of power transmission equipment.

Main product applications
Marine gearboxes Fishing vessels, merchant vessels, ferries, pleasure boats, patrol boats, fireboats, servicing vehicle propulsion and auxiliary drive, etc.
Transmission for Railcars Fuel-driven trains, diesel locomotives, motor cars, rotary snow clearers, etc.
Transmission for industrial machinery Construction machinery, industrial vehicles, pumps, generators, coal and cement mills, compressors, escalators, plant machinery, etc.