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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Marine gearboxes

Most small and medium marine gears use wet-type multiplate hydraulically-operated clutches, which enable more compact products and easier operation, as well as more rational operation and energy saving on vessels, through a wider range of clutch slipping.
We also make the most of our design and fabrication skills for large, high-precision cylindrical gears and conical involute gears etc. to offer the optimum gearboxes for ships serving a wide range of applications. They include large marine gears, conical drive marine gears, planetary gear marine gears, and electronically-controlled marine gears.

External recognitions and qualifications

  • A large, high-speed ferry of Shinnihonkai Ferry Co., Ltd. (25,200kW propeller shaft thrust), equipped with our marine gears (MMGR71043), won the Ship of the Year award for 2004.
  • We hold patents for conical marine gears, helical concave conical gears, etc.

Transmission for Railcars

We have been working to increase the numbers of shifts in transmissions for diesel railcars, to improve their drive performance and fuel economy. We have reached 96% overall efficiency in our newly developed, direct-linked four-speed models, which are air-cooled and have no oil cooler. We have also developed products such as transmissions with wet-type multiplate braking fixed speed governors, which allow movement at a constant low speed, and CSUs (constant speed unit for generator drive) using slipping clutch technology. The latter can drive a generator for onboard power supply at a constant speed (frequency) even as the speed of the propulsion engine, or the load on it, varies.
The use of these transmissions helps to save labor and energy on railcars.

External recognitions and qualifications

  • West Japan Railway Company’s Kiha 187 Series train, which is equipped with our train transmission (TACN-44-2000) and CSU* (SGAD40M) was awarded the 2002 Laurel prize.
  • We hold the patents for the CSU (constant speed unit for generator drive) and transmission clutch control, etc.
CSU is our registered trademark for our constant speed unit for generator drive.

Transmission for industrial machinery

We provide reduction and step-up gears, fluid couplings and other components that are applicable to a wide range of applications, including construction machinery, industrial vehicles, pumps, gas turbine generators and mills.
These transmissions include the Omega Clutch and reduction gear with built-in torque limiter, which apply slipping clutch technology.
We also produce this torque limiter as a standalone unit, which can be built into gas turbine generation systems to improve commercial power outage countermeasures.

External recognitions and qualifications

  • “The Development of Torque Limiters for Power Outage Countermeasures in Gas Turbine Generation Equipment”, jointly developed with Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas and Toho Gas, has been awarded the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Best Paper Award.
  • We own the patents for the power supply method using frictional clutch-type torque limiters, and for the hydraulic control valve for the Omega Clutch, etc.*
Omega Clutch is the registered trademark for our slipping clutches