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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Concept of protection of personal information

The Company works to protect personal information appropriately by establishing specified rules and a management system according to the policy of protecting personal information as described below.

Definition of personal information

For the Company, "personal information" means, of all information as defined in the following clauses, "information concerning an individual" who is alive and refers to information that can identify a particular individual (including information that allows users to access a database of personal information or something similar and to compare it such information with other information, thus allowing users to identify particular individuals). "Information concerning an individual" is not limited the name, sex, date of birth or other information that identifies an individual but refers to all information that indicates a fact, judgment, and/or evaluation. The information also includes information published by evaluation information, public publications, and something similar band information in the form of video and sound, regardless of whether it is encrypted.

If information about a death simultaneously constitutes information about an individual alive, such as a bereaved family, it will constitute information about the particular surviving individual.

The "surviving individual" is not limited to Japanese citizens but includes foreigners as well. Corporations and other associations do not correspond to "individuals" so that they do not include information about corporations or associations.

  1. Information in this website that a customer has entered in the "Customer inquiry screen" or something similar and which has been supplied to the Company.
  2. Information other than that specified in the preceding clause and which has been supplied to the Company by a customer concerning this website.

Policy for protecting personal information

  1. Observance of laws and standards
    In handling personal information, the Company will recognize the importance of protection of personal information and observe the laws and other standards applicable to protection of the particular personal information.
    To use and protect personal information appropriately, the Company will establish the Company's rules for protection and control of personal information conforming to these laws and standards. The Company works to conduct continued improvement while enhancing the clothes while performing the above steadily.
  2. Collection, use, and provision of personal information
    The Company takes into consideration that it owns various information in its business operations, establishes a management system for protecting personal information according to the respective business realities, and collects, uses, and provides personal information appropriately according to specified rules.
  3. Taking safety measures
    To ensure accuracy and security of personal information, the Company controls access to personal information, limits the means of taking personal information out, and prevents illegal access from outside according to specified rules concerning information security, while working to prevent the loss, destruction, leakage, and tampering with personal information.
  4. Respect of the rights of the principal regarding personal information
    If the principal requests the Company to disclose, correct, or delete, or refuses the use or provision of, his or her own personal information, the Company will respect the principal's rights concerning the personal information and will handle it in good faith.

Objectives and disclosure to a third party

  1. The Company will use personal information only within the range it is needed to achieve the objectives as listed below.
    • Sending of notices of an event, product, or service to customers
    • Responding to customers' inquiries
    • Analysis for fulfilling products and services
    • Customer questionnaire and its analysis.
  2. Except when prior agreement is obtained from the customer, personal information will not be supplied to a third party. In the case of either of the following cases, personal information may be supplied to a third party without obtaining the prior agreement of the customer.
    • If so set forth in a law
    • If it is required to protect a human life, body, or property, and is difficult to obtain the customer's agreement concerning it
    • If a national establishment, local public entity, or a party entrusted by either of them needs to cooperate in fulfilling a task set forth in laws, and obtaining the customer's consent may affect the performance of the particular clerical operation.
    • If personal information is supplied to a third party to whom a Hitachi Group member or the Company commissions an operation within the range required to achieve the objectives.

Requests to the customers

  1. Most of the services supplied by the Company are available even if the customer does not disclose the personal information. However, please understand in advance that some services are unavailable if no personal information is supplied by the customer.
  2. Please understand that the Company will not take responsibility for ensuring security of the personal information on a website outside the Company which is linked to the Company's website.
  3. The customers are required to consent this "Privacy Policy" before entering information.


  1. The Company's policy for protection of personal information conforms to Japanese laws.
  2. To protect personal information more apporopriately and in response to revisions in laws, governmental and ministerial ordinance, a policy for protecting personal information on this page will be revised. Please check it periodically.
  3. This "Privacy Policy" will come into effect on the date indicated (including the date renewed) and later.

Request for personal information disclosure, etc. or contact for methods and inquiries concerning lodgment of complaints.

  1. To request the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cease of use, stop of supplying to a third party, or notification of the purpose of use (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure, etc.") concerning customers' personal information owned, or for complaints and inquiries, please contact the following:
  2. For the disclosure of personal information, the Company will charge the actual expenses incurred, as a charge. The Company will not collect the charges concerning the correction, suspension, addition, or deletion of the personal information.


General Affairs Dept.; Hitachi Nico Transmission Co., Ltd.

  • * Note: Personal information sent to the contact will be deleted when a specific inquiry is responded to. The Company will not own personal information.

April 1, 2006