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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Ecocap Movement

Image : Ecocap Movement

We have been running the Ecocap Movement, which promotes recycling through the voluntary separation and collection of PET bottle caps, since June 2009.
The Ecocap Movement uses the proceeds of selling PET bottle caps to recycling companies to buy vaccines for children around the world, so it combines the promotion of recycling with social welfare.

Fund raising for ibis conservation

Image : Fund raising for ibis conservation

We have been donating to the Niigata Ibis Conservation Fund since March 2009.
The fund is used on efforts by the Ministry of the Environment to developing feeding stations to prepare for the return of ibis to the wild, and on other ibis conservation projects.

Other environmental and cleanup activities

  1. Environmental activities
  2. Cleanup activities in various areas