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Image : Generator Driving System

Omega clutch (constant frequency system) is combined compactly with step-up gear to drive a generator from the front end of the main engine.
The system consists of 5 types, according to arrangement of a generator; vertical offset type(SGY-K), horizontal offset type(SGY-H), return type (SGY-U), horizontal straight crossing type(AGY-H), and generator-mounted type (AGY-D) where a generator is directly installed to the casing of an increaser. So the best suitable selection is possible to make a good match with usage of ship and hull form.


  • Even if revolution speed of a main engine or load of a generator varies, revolution speed (frequency) of generator is always kept constant, so that electric power of good quality may be obtained.
  • As operating hours of auxiliary engine is reduced to a great extent, expenses for fuel, lubricating oil and maintenance service can be saved, and also labor saving can be attempted.
  • Parallel operation with a generator for driving auxiliary engine is feasible.
  • No obstacle for radio wave is expected due to wet type multi-disc clutch.
  • In case of two-stage change-over type Omega clutch built-in type (SGAY, AGAY), revolution variation range (speed ratio) of main engine becomes more widely available than for one stage change-over type, and more useful at any situation from going in/out the port to usual navigation.