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Image : Cargo Pump Driving System

The system is to drive the pump for loading and unloading cargo and the generator from the front end of main engine, and as a slipping clutch is used for clutch for such the pump for cargo, revolution rate of the cargo pump can be controlled at your option between 40% and 100% under the conditions that revolution speed of main engine is kept constant.
Generator shall work to generate electricity at the rated frequency, owing to function of Omega clutch fitted.


  • Control of revolution rate of the pump through dial operation will lead to automatic unloading which results in labor and power saving.
  • As revolution rate of each pump can be controlled separately, The speed of each pump can be controlled independently, which allows best suitable unloading according to the type of cargo and/or oil, the rate of expected unloading speed, and the facilities of cargo warehouse on land.
  • Disposition of remaining oil can be done in short hour, as the remains are so small.
  • Since a main engine can be operated at a constant speed, efficient revolution speed can be selected at your option.
  • If Omega clutch for generator is used in conjunction, operation of auxiliary engine will be unnecessary, and the relative expenses is expected to diminish.
  • As revolution speed matching for the quantity of unloading can be controlled, cavitation at the time of stripping out the oil tank will be prevented and the pump protected.