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Image : Shaft-Mounted Constant Speed Generator Drive

Shaft-mounted constant speed generator drives are mainly suitable for those ships that are equipped with large, low speed engines. The device is mounted on the propeller-driving intermediate shaft to drive the ship's generator via a stepped-up gearing.
The Omega clutch can provide a constant stable speed to the generator regardless of fluctuations in the main engine speed or of variations in the generator load.
There are two types of the generator driving devices.
The first one is the Model SSGY-D (generator mounted on gearbox type) which is used in the 400 to 540 kW.
The other one is the Model SSGY (generator installed on base type) which is used in the 244 to 2600 kW.
The most suitable model can be selected from these two models according to the type of ships, the generator capacities and the usage.


  • Can provide the generator with constantly stabilized revolution speed and enables the generator to produce electric power of high quality thereby.
  • Can save fuel cost as the generator is driven by the fuel-saving main engine that is run even with lessexpensive fuel oil.
  • Can reduce dependence on the auxiliary engines which subsequently reduces maintenance cost for the auxiliary engines.
  • As constant speed is maintained by a hydraulic (Omega clutch), there is no adverse effect on ship's radio and electronic apparatus.
  • Load distribution to other generator is easy. Parallel operation with the auxiliary-engine-driven generator is available with an optional device. This availability allows to reduce overall capacity of the onboard generators; installation and maintenance cost of the generators can be reduced thereby.