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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Image : Power-shift Transmission for Diesel Railcar

Hitachi Nico power transmission for Diesel Railcar shall incorporate reversing mechanism and further make the direct coupled range multiple-staged to upgrade transmission efficiency and increase acceleration function, making the best use of maximum output of the engine in the range of medium speed zone. In view of upgrading further efficiency of transmission, power transmission adopting a claw clutch for a direct-coupled range clutch has now been developed, and any model suitable for Diesel railway vehicles varying from a limited express car to a local train can be chosen. And in order to respond to request for barrier free, the new transmission for low floor type railway vehicle is also developed.


  • Thanks to increase of transmission efficiency and decrease of variable speed running range, fuel consumption is improved.
  • As operation is shifted from medium speed zone to direct-coupled with the engine, acceleration function is improved further so as to increase the speed of the train.
  • Since shift to direct coupled operation from variable speed running is fully automated, shock at the time of shifting is reduced and the train gives comfortable rides.
  • Of low weight, small-sized and low noise design.