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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Image : Angle drive reduction gear with Hydraulic clutch

For an engine-driven, vertical-shaft pump, there is a clutch between the engine and the pump for engine maintenance running. Clutches are generally freestanding units, but we have produced a series of clutch-equipped bevel reduction gears by building wet-type multi-disk clutches into our long-proven VRS/VRD Series of bevel reduction gears, to produce the VRS-CL (single-stage reduction gear) and VRD-CL (double-stage).
Compared to systems with standalone clutches, these series allow simpler installation and foundation construction, and they are simple to operate for engine maintenance and inspection.


  • Internal integration of the clutch saves space, relative to a configuration with a standalone clutch.
  • The clutch can be engaged and disengaged by remote control.
  • The main drive source can be started unladen.
  • The main motor can be run independently for maintenance.
  • The main pump thrust support bearing can be built in.