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Image: Angle drive reduction gear(AG type)

These reduction gear series consist of reduction devices for use when a vertical pump is driven by an engine or motor. The AG and AGC Series are water cooled, while the AGE and AGCE Series are air-cooled. (The AGC and AGCE types are built into hydraulic clutches)
There are two types, differing in reduction ratios: The one-step reduction type uses only bevel gears, while the two-step reduction type combines bevel and helical gears.


  • We use gears of high precision and hardness for bevel and helical gears, which reduce noise by ensuring smooth and quiet transmission of power to the pump shaft.
  • The integral hydraulic clutch is easier to engage and disengage, facilitating operations such as periodic running adjustments as well as, of course, remote control.
  • The hydraulic clutch engages gently, with very little shock, to avoid stress on the drive train. Also, it disengages instantly, so even if reversed water flow reverses the direction of the pump, the reversal will never be transmitted through to the engine side.
  • The oiling unit (including the priming system) can be mounted onto the reduction gear, which eliminates the pipe installation that would be required for a freestanding oiling unit.
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