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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Image : Planetary Type Reduction Gear (Type PG)

Hitachi Nico have produced and sold so far more than 13,000 planetary type reduction gears suitable for various prime movers ranging from low to high speed for such as civil engineering and construction machinery, for driving generator, for driving a pump of rain and drainage, for driving a ship propulsion shaft, etc.
Accuracy of equal power sharing in the planet gear shall be of important element influencing the functions and a unique equal load sharing mechanism called the flexible pin system is adopted to remove the load imbalance of planet gear due to error in machining, assembling or the like.


  • Since a supporting shaft of the planet gear shall be of a flexible double cantilever construction (flexible pin system), a planet gear which receives more load shall move in parallel, due to sagging of the pin so that all the planet gears shall receive the equal load. Consequently excellent equal sharing effect is shown and causes the whole system to be smaller-sized.
  • As the equal distribution mechanism is of simple and plain construction, number of the parts is so small, and therefore, the gear shall be of low weight and compact.
  • For the planetary type reduction gear of vertical shaft construction where perpendicular arrangement of input and output shaft is made, excellent equal sharing shall take effect.
  • Due to flexible pin system, shock absorbing effect for torque variation of a prime mover or a load is expected.