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Image : Omega Clutch

Omega clutch shall be of continuous variable speed control system to vary extensively the out put speed through controlling clutch operating oil pressure.
Omega clutch shall put out optional and stable revolution by slipping of plates of wet type multi-disc clutch placed between input shaft and output one. Omega valve, a kind of centrifugal governor, is fitted at the output side of the clutch and sense always the revolution speed of output shaft to keep it at the specified speed.
As the revolution speed of output shaft can be changed only by alteration of set up hydraulic pressure (controlled pressure) of Omega valve, such a setting can easily be done by means of electric or pneumatic signal from external, and automatic operation is also easy.
Heat caused by slipping of a clutch shall be cooled by sending an oil into clutch plates through lubrication circuit. As such an oil shall form up oily film between the slipping plates, no clutch plate will be worn out.


  • If Omega clutch is used for turbo equipment such as fan, blower, pump and the like, expenses for electric power can be saved to a great extent, in comparison with the control by conventional damper or valve.
  • Rotation speed at the output side can be controlled 30% up to 100% with a free hand, by use of ordinary squirrel cage motors.
  • Electric motor can start at no load condition, by putting clutch off. Also after starting of an electric motor, cushion start of a mover is possible, so any load shall not be put on an electric motor and a mover.
  • If the clutch is full engaged, transmitting efficiency shall be 100%, and more efficient operation is expected, compared with variable speed fluid coupling, and eddy current coupling.
  • When applied to blowers or pumps with cubic characteristics, motive power loss of the Omega clutch is only 14.8% of rated horsepower at maximum.
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