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Image : Variable Speed Control Hydraulic Coupling

Power is smoothly transmitted in the form of kinetic energy in the oil that circulates within the impeller and runner.
When speed changes, the input shaft is connected directly to the motor and runs at constant speed, and the volume of oil in the working chamber is adjusted through linkage with the scoop tube to change the output speed (load speed).
This scoop tube is easy to operate from outside, and allows wide-ranging, stepless adjustment of the load speed.


  • Integration into a single unit with the oil tank and lubrication system reduces the installation footprint.
  • Efficient output speed can be choosen freely.
  • Startup is smooth, enabling intermittent operation without placing an excessive load on the motor.
  • Low power consumption saves power.
  • Shock absorption extends the service life of machinery.
  • Installation is possible in a wide range of locations, and remote or automatic operation can be arranged easily. Installation and maintenance are simple.