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Image : Wet type multiple disc Torque Limiter

The torque limiter shall cause rotation between driving shaft and driven one by slipping of clutch plates in case that torque more than rated is imposed. Such rotation shall cause hydraulic pump incorporated in the torque limiter to start and pressed oil shall be supplied to the piston chamber which pushes clutch plates. As a result, pressure in the piston chamber shall be increased rapidly so as to open the relief valve.
Thus clutch operating oil in the piston chamber shall be returned into the casing, and as oil pressure of the clutch plates is lost, the torque limiter shall be kept shut off. Therefore the torque limiter is suitable for overload break of auger and blower of a rotary snow plow.


  • The limiter shall be of hydraulic self supply type with hydraulic pump incorporated, so supply of pressure oil from outside is unnecessary.
  • Because of light weight and compact, the limiter can be installed on the shaft like a coupling.
  • Even if torque limiter is shut off due to function of excessive torque, simply push the reset button, then will easily return to the normal condition.
  • Accuracy of shut off torque is within ±10%, so the limiter is secured to work.
  • Through adjustment of clutch operating oil pressure and change of combination of friction plates, wide range of torque setting is possible.
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