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Image : Single-stage Torque Converter

Single-stage torque converter (6-type and 8-type) shall be of 3-element 1-stage turbine type torque converter and the turbine shall be of 1-stage.
The 1-stage turbine type stall torque ratio (torque ratio at starting) is smaller in comparison with the 3-stage type, but the efficiency is higher, and as the torque imposed on no load engine shall become smaller, the torque converter is suitable for driving construction machinery and transport vehicle.


  • Maintenance, inspection and handling is easy, owing to simple and plain construction.
  • High transmitting efficiency is kept for the range from low speed to high speed ratio.
  • Stall torque ratio of up to approx. 3.5 is obtainable.
  • Torque converter of each size shall be classified according to the capacity, so the capacity best suitable for the prime mover to be used can be chosen.