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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Image : Power-shift Transmission

Hitachi Nico power-shift transmission shall, because of countershaft type construction, have all so many excellent features, in comparison with planet type power-shift transmission.
And as number of change-over stage shall varies from 1 to 6-stage, the transmission can apply for various use such as shovel loader, rough terrain crane, etc.


  • If the number of tooth of gear is changed, combination of gear ratio corresponding to particular request required for the railcar can be obtained relatively easily. Therefore, the best suitable performance of railcar is acquirable.
  • Since the construction and power train shall be simple, handling is easy. And installation of the attachment (oil pump, valve, etc.) at outside makes daily inspection easy.
  • Such accessory as hydraulic retarder equipment (hydro-brake), parking brake, speed meter outlet, outlet for pump driving can be fitted, if required.