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Image : Omega Drive System

Omega drive system shall consist of Omega clutch, torque converter, power takeoff, reversing mechanism and the like. The Omega clutch shall be transmitting the power through slipping, and can change at your option transmitting torque and revolution speed to transmit by controlling clutch operating oil pressure.
Omega drive system shall have application to wide use through combination with various mechanism, and can show the power in case of applying for the crane, dredger, winch, construction machinery and civil engineering equipment which will require the revolution speed control at out put side.


  • Omega drive system can change revolution speed at out put side according to the Omega control valve, as Omega clutch enabling change the degree of coupling is used for Omega drive system. And power loss attributable to clutch slipping is 14.8% of the power of a prime mover at the most.
  • The power can be optional for use as main load and power takeoff. Therefore, in case of vehicle, for running and power takeoff, while for ships, for driving propeller and for driving fire pump, the power can be distributed and power of a prime mover can be used effectively.
  • Lubricating oil always mediates between the clutch plates, and no direct contact between plates each other, due to oil membrane formed. So the power shall be transmitted by shearing of oily film. Therefore, no clutch plate shall be worn owing to slip control.
  • Control method of Omega drive system shall have three (3) types; link, pneumatic and electric types, and respective types have further choice of manual and automatic. Remote control is possibly operated.