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Hitachi Nico Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Image : Power-shift Transmission for C.F.R. Vehicle

Power-shift transmission for chemical fire-fighting vehicle for airport use of Twin Disc, Inc., U.S.A. make shall be fitted with torque converter with modulate clutch to enable continuous variable control of the input revolution of the converter, 6-stage full power-shift transmission with center differential attached, and electronic control system.
An electronically controlled modulate clutch controls the torque distribution to the wheels while the engine is rotating at high speed for operating pump and running the vehicle. Such simple and good efficient system shall provide quick shift and accurate control in compliance with running speed and towing power required for crash fire rescue vehicle for airport use.


  • Unified power train of space saving, and neither auxiliary drop box nor power divider component with engine mounted is necessary.
  • As the transmission shall consist of minimized number of simplified components, it shall be of light weight and compact.
  • Driving power of the vehicle and fire pump can be controlled independently by a modulate clutch of power distribution. The clutch shall work in the oil, and no cooling circuit shall be added.
  • PTO clutch for fire pump can be controlled independently and coupled smoothly.
  • Slow speed running of a vehicle can be controlled without using brake. And also continuous variable speed control under the mode of pump operation and slow speed running can be done.